Digitalization is a force that is changing society as a whole, where the digitalization of industry is the very foundation for growth and a greener economy. A smart industry means increased efficiency and the release of new values. We call the technical development that makes the smart industry possible IndTech.

IndTech stands for all opportunities that quickly and massively, and with precision, now spread across the industrial value systems. But it is also the question of a shift that has its roots in the computerization of industry in the 1980s and 1990s. A most tangible legacy that we have with us in an installed base, often with a long life remaining.

The concept of IndTech therefore also marks a development where the industry’s demand for solutions for digitalization must take into account previous investments and experience. It separates the industry from easy-moving consumer markets. It also places special demands on IndTech suppliers. Any app is not enough to meet the high demands of the industry. The app must represent deep process know-how, industrial requirements for security and accessibility and at the same time be as simple and elegant as we have gotten used to apps being.

All this is happening in a world market where demand for IndTech is growing much faster than the industry in general. One hypothesis that followed the study was whether Sweden has the conditions to successfully develop IndTech into a profiled export success?

The answer should be yes to that question. Swedish industry is, in trade by trade, the world’s most successful. We have a solid history in industrial automation, we have a world-class ITK industry, we have an entrepreneurial culture with width and curiosity for new growth areas. Therefore, it is possible to make Swedish IndTech a Swedish showpiece from two perspectives: the Swedish raw material, process and manufacturing industry can become the best in the world by using the technology to increase competitiveness and Swedish technology suppliers can develop leading concepts and take international market shares.